About Us

Inspired by His Majesty King Abdullah II’s sixth Royal Discussion Paper: “Rule of Law and Civil State” , Law and Governance Center (LGC) is a private sector investment aspires to play an effective socioeconomic role in implementing the guidelines set by His Majesty.

Law and Governance Center (LGC) is an innovative business concept that integrates law practice with fighting fraud and corruption. We pride ourselves on being the first Arab law firm that provides a blend of legal and anti-corruption innovative professional services targeting executive management and those charged with governance. Setting a proper tone at the top requires competent, transparent, accountable, and responsible leadership. Corporate leadership should always meet its legal duties and obligations. LGC provides decision makers with the services that enable them to achieve such legal requirements. As gross negligence is legally equivalent to constructive fraud, a member of a board, partner, or owner-manager cannot afford the ramifications of her gross negligence. Engagement in fighting corruption requires more than wishes: it requires committed and disciplined corporate leadership in theory and practice.

LGC entered into a strategical professional relationship with The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) to ensure that it would meet its stakeholders’ professional expectations in Jordan and the Arab countries. The AACI’s certification and learning programs, know-how, and technical expertise support the LGC’s effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, we sure our advocates, associates, clients, and constituents value-added services that will always be based on our mission, vision, and the professional values set in His Majesty King Abdullah II’s sixth Royal Discussion Paper: “Rule of Law and Civil State.”


Dr. Omar Daoud

Dr. Omar F. Daoud, CACM. Co-founder and General Manager of LGC


Dr. Omar F. Daoud is the founder and general manager of the Law and Governance Center (LGC). He carries the designated Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM) (USA), and holds a Ph.D. from the Law School of the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Dr. Daoud’s Ph.D. thesis was on the role and effectiveness of the non-executive directors in the U.K. and his Ph.D. thesis analyzed the board of directors’ dynamics, board subcommittees, directors’ duties, regulatory compliance and the boundaries between compliance and the effective implementation of corporate governance.Majored in corporate governance, he is a corporate governance expert with extensive experience locally and internationally.In addition to his corporate governance work, Dr. Daoud is a commercial lawyer, admitted to the Jordanian Bar Association with vast experience in project finance and corporate law. He has worked for elite Jordanian law firms, premier financial institutions and renowned real estate managers and developers that gave him first-hand experience in practicing the legal aspects of corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

  • Dr. Daoud is a senior advisor fellow of The American Anti-Corruption Institute (ACCI) in the Middle East and a legal expert. Capitalizing on his Middle Eastern legal practice, he cooperates with the AACI in developing learning programs relevant to the legislative analysis and the implementation of the rule of law to prevent fraud and corruption.
  • Dr. Daoud is currently engaged with other scholars in conducting several empirical research papers based on the first-hand information on the jurisdiction and the MENA region. His research falls in the following fields; corporate governance, law and theory, and white-collar crime.
  • Dr. Daoud provides several bona fide services for the local community.


Dr. Brendan Lambe, BA, PgDip, FHEA, MSc, PhD.

Brendan is an Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance in the faculty of Business and Law at DeMontfort University in the UK. He gained his PhD at the University of Leicester specializing in Insider Trading, this gave particular attention to te estimating the scale of illegal activity surrounding corporate events.

He has conducted research on market manipulation tested the efficacy of current UK legislation covering the illegal market trading by board members.
He has published much of this work in internationally renowned academic journals; this includes the Journal of Financial regulation and Compliance, the International Review of Financial Analysis, The Journal of Economic behavior and organization. He is currently co-editing a special issue of the British Journal of Management. He has extensive experience in teaching, managing programs and researching financial topics. He began his career at the University of Leicester where he taught and researched for a number of years before joining DMU. He also retains positions at a number of internationally renowned institutions as a visiting scholar. He has presented his work at a number of high profile conferences in the UK, Europe and Asia.

His other research interests include, but are not limited to, asset pricing, financial regulation, liquidity and corporate finance. He is currently involved in a number of international collaborations within this field. As he is passionate about research led teaching he has developed a number of modules at MBA and MSc level that incorporate key aspects of financial crime and corruption.
Brendan is a senior associate at the law and Governance Center  (LGC) – Jordan.