White-collar criminals do not use violence or threats to break the law. Opportunity, deception, concealment and the violation of trust are the tools of their trade.

To fight back against this type of corruption, a competent knowledge of auditing, accounting, criminology, law, information technology, and business/financial investigation and analysis is required. Anti-corruption not only draws upon these necessary skills but also demands creativity. It takes the ability to develop fresh approaches, look beyond the numbers, find underlying facts and fill in the blanks when the figures are missing.

The lawyers, the Certified Anti-Corruption Managers (CACMs), the Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) and the Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) of the LGC offer a broad range of anticorruption and forensic services to help you deal with these times of adversity. When a fraud, corruption or theft has been committed, it is essential for you to know the extent of it, how it was perpetrated, who the involved parties are, opportunities for recovery and how to prevent a recurrence in the future.

Even when there is no suspicion that any wrongdoing has occurred, Law and Governance Center (LGC) can help your organization conduct a proactive, operational review to determine that the existing policies, procedures, and internal controls are functioning properly and, for the most part, are adequate to control the risks and concerns of your organization. Our high-caliber lawyers, accredited members of The American Anti-Corruption Institute, The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants have the experience and expertise to assist you in a variety of circumstances:

(a) Investigation:

i. Occupational fraud and abuse

ii. Financial statements fraud

iii. Corporate fraud

iv. Cybersecurity

(b) Financial Recovery:

i. Recovering the proceeds of corruption

ii. Locating hidden assets

iii.  Theft/diversion of inventor

iv. Tracing illicit funds

(c) Corruption Prevention:

i. Development and assessment of Corruption prevention polices

ii. Fraud and corruption prevention check-up

iii. Anti-money laundering

iv. Corruption prevention internal controls evaluation, design, and maintenance

Globally preferred by individuals, businesses and government entities around the world, the CACM and CFE designations are premier anti-fraud and anti-corruption professional certifications. As such, our anti-corruption services specialists have attained the highest level of skill in the investigation, detection, and prevention of fraudulent and corrupt activities. LGC and in direct coordination and collaboration with The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) can competently work with you and manage the complexities inherent in the anti-corruption processes.

We provide our anti-corruption services to:

(a) Attorneys and law firms

(b) Insurance companies

(c) Prosecutors and judges

(d) Information technology companies

(e) Nonprofit organizations

(f) Business owners

(g) Healthcare organizations

(h) Regulatory agencies

(i) Business brokers

(j) Governmental entities

(k) Financial institutions

Governmental agencies:

Our strategic partnership with The AACI positioned us to provide the following governmental regulatory organizations with a comprehensive range of anti-corruption services:

(a) Anti Corruption Commission

(b) State Audit Bureau

(c) Central Bank

(d) Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs)