Board of Directors Advisory

Law and Governance Center (LGC) is the first law firm in the Arab countries that offers an innovative blend of law and anti-corruption advisory service dedicated to the board of directors. The primary objective of this type of service is to enable the board members to meet their duties and obligations. Appointed by shareholders and conducting its business under the applicable local relevant laws, the board has fiduciary, care and loyalty duties. It is responsible for setting the proper tone at the top and for establishing and monitoring the implementation of anti-corruption policies, internal control systems, and adequate governance systems.

Our service will not only minimize the legal board liabilities, but it will also enhance its member’s anti-corruption intelligence.

The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) defines anti-corruption intelligence as follows:

“The minimum, optimum knowledge a decision maker should have to avoid fraud and corruption intelligently. Such knowledge includes the proper blend of due diligence, internal controls, anti-corruption, governance, decision making, process auditing (from a management perspective and duties) to avoid anti-corruption and fraud. By avoidance, we emphasize the concept of deterrence and prevention. Corruption prevention is less expensive and better than any cure.”