Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM)

The AACI provides a management anti-corruption certification program that leads to the most effective means to prevent fraud and corruption. When a candidate passes the online program exam, (s)he will be certified as Certified Anti-Corruption Manager ® ©(CACM) ® ©.

The CACM online exam tests a candidate’s knowledge in each of the following:

1. Principles of Effective Management
2. Corruption Prevention, Deterrence, and Detection
3. Internal Control
4. Principles of Corporate Governance

The Exam Unit offers the CACM online exam in one part consisting of 105 multiple-choice and true/false questions. The testing period is two hours and twenty minutes. Read more about the parameters of the exam.

The eligibility requirements to apply for the CACM are as follow:
A CACM candidate shall

1. Have a bachelor degree from an accredited college or university, and
2. Have three years of experience in a managerial position accompanied with managerial responsibilities, and
3. Pass the Certified Anti-Corruption Manager ®©(CACM) ®© Online exam, and
4. Provide an assertion to non-prior indictment in any act to the discredit of the code of ethics of the Institute, and
5. Abide by The AACI code of ethics, and
6. Satisfy The AACI continuing professional educational (CPE) requirements, and
7. Maintain a good standing and membership in The Institute.

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