R & D

LGC recognizes that quality law and anti-corruption published research are scarce in the Arab countries. Schools of law and business schools at the Arab universities do not invest enough in publishing empirical quality researches addressing, for example, white-collar crimes, anticorruption, among other relevant research topics. LGC and in cooperation with The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) is determined to publish quality white papers and scientific research papers about thorny or debatable issues.

We focus on and support all kinds of law and business research that are of a local or regional content. We encourage all types of research that provides originality to law and anti-corruption studies.

LGC invites law and business scholars from the Arab universities to support our research endeavor. We welcome Arab scholars willing to co-author with us or publish their research. Should a study/research meet its standards, The AACI publishes white papers and research papers on its website and other mediums.

Research Competition

In 2018, LGC and in cooperation with the research department of The AACI will announce a competition for the best research paper about a specific research issue. The tournament will be available for the law schools of the Jordanian universities. We will provide more details upon announcement.