As the United Kingdom makes a decision on its future relationship with the European Union, there is much debate as to whether the move will negatively affect the online casino industry in the UK. One of the largest online gambling companies in the world, Intercasino, has stated that it is “already seeing negative consequences of the vote”. In a statement given to The Financial Times, Intercasino chief executive Nick Cahn stated “The Remain camp is focused on demonising the UK and delivering a negative message about Remain to the rest of the world”. However, some industry analysts believe that the negativity coming from the Remain camp is unwarranted, especially as there are many positive aspects to the UK gambling industry post-referendum. They state that there has been a rise in new online casino players since the vote, which could lead to increased profitability.

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According to independent industry analyst Don Griffiths, “If you took away all those that were negative about Remain and who was positive about Leave then the online casino industry would have a huge growth”. He went on to state that it was “impossible to make a prediction in the short term because each of the parties in the UK political party have different plans” but he did state that there is a “big increase in chances of the UK having more online casinos”. There are also claims by industry analysts that there has been a rapid increase in the number of gaming websites which are based in the UK. With this increase in the number of websites, there is also a marked increase in competition amongst operators in the UK online casino industry.

This competition among online casino sites has resulted in some fantastic deals for players and has helped the UK online casino industry to flourish in a manner that it would not have done otherwise. The Remain camp is due to release an official document next week which will outline the case for why it should remain in the UK. It is expected that the document will focus heavily on the need to retain the single market and the Single Currency Market as it will provide the single market with much needed stability. The Leave camp has been busy attempting to keep Remain focused on issues which are more important to them such as the economy and immigration although this may not have been their intended strategy.